Wild boar – diet, behavior, weight and habitats of wild boar

They are rarely seen, but their tracks are often visible on the ground in the forest or along roadsides. Whereby here with traces not really the tracks, but rooting places are meant. It is the wild boar. The bristle mammals have enjoyed increasing interest in the media and in research in recent years (wild boars in Berlin, Cologne, etc.). The reason for this is their increased occurrence, also in urban areas. This can lead to conflicts due to the activity in the soil and cultivated areas. For example, when wild boars invade kitchen gardens or parts of playgrounds and cemetery facilities are “devastated”. Since wild boars are mostly nocturnal due to the heavy hunt, they are hardly noticeable in daylight. Here you will find information on the radiation exposure of wild boars.

Profile: The wild boar

Latin name: Sus scrofa
Height at withers: 1 m
Body length: 1.5 m
Body weight: Male 40 – 200 kg, female 70 – 150 kg. Adult males and females in Germany weigh on average about 55 kg.
Mating season: October – December
Gestation period: 114 days
Age: 15 – 20 years in captivity, 10 years in the wild, although they only live an average of 2.5 years in Germany due to hunting. Link> Hunting Routes
Main cause of mortality: hunting
Group structure: adult females and young animals live together in groups, while pubescent and young males form bachelors, while adult males live mostly alone
Food: Omnivores, with an emphasis on plant-based food
Synonyms: sows, wild boars, black coats
Enemies: wolf, lynx

Mating = intoxication time

The mating of wild boars can in principle take place all year round, as the staggered age of many newborns shows. The main mating season is from autumn to the beginning of winter from October to December / January. Accordingly, the majority of the newborns are born in spring.
Sexual activity and testosterone production are triggered by a reduction in the length of the day and other factors, and peak during the mating season (hunter’s high-season). During the intoxication period, male wild boars, which usually live individually or in loose groups with other males, join female groups.
Gestation period

The gestation period is 114 days on average.
Hunter language for age and gender

The hunter’s language describes precisely the gender and belonging to an age group:

Boar = young wild boar, from birth to the end of the first year of life (Google search also baby wild boar)

Defectors = wild boar from the beginning to the end of the second year of life, whereby female defectors and male defectors are often recorded separately.

Bache = female wild boar from the age of 3 (25 months and older)

Boar = male wild boar from the 3rd year of life (25 months and older)